The function of macromolecules is dictated by their three-dimensional fold. Our research program uses an integrated structural and biochemical approach, with x-ray crystallography as the primary tool, to examine protein function and mechanism in a variety of experimental systems including eukaryotic transcription, DNA repair and recombination, the regulation of cytoskeletal dynamics, and protein quality control. More about what we're currently working on can be found on our Research page. To get the big picture on what we do, check out our Publications.

Research Opportunities

Our lab is affiliated with the Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology (MCDB) Program in the Department of Biological Sciences. Applications for graduate studies in our program can be found here.

Undergraduate Students

Highly motivated undergraduates can apply to be a part of our lab either through one of the programs run by the Office of Experiential Learning or by emailing Dr. VanDemark. Be sure to attach PDF versions of your resume and academic advising transcript, and briefly introduce yourself and why you want to work in the lab.

The First Experiences in Research program provides many opportunities for freshmen and sophomore students to become involved in research at Pitt.